Rick Elzinga of Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing is the new leader in the Dutch Masters of Motocross 250. Elzinga managed to win both motos of the second round of the championship in Oldebroek and has taken over the championship lead. Besides Elzinga it was Andrea Bonacorsi who finished third overall at Oldebroek and Dave Kooiker ended up in eighth position overall.

The track of Oldebroek was well prepared and it was Elzinga who felt at home immediately. He took pole position in time practice and started his preparation for the first moto with a lot of confidence. Bonacorsi and Kooiker were doing a great job as well and finished the session in third and fourth position.

All three riders were able to take a good start in the first moto and it was Elzinga who took the lead during the opening lap of the race. He was riding a great pace and made a gap over himself and the rest of the field. He kept his head cool till the end and won the opening moto. Bonacorsi and Kooiker came out of the first lap in fifth and sixth position. Bonacorsi fought his way up to fourth position but Kooiker lost his rhythm and had to lower the pace. He kept fighting and ended up in eleventh position.

In the second moto it was again Elzinga who took a great start and was leading at the end of the lap. This time his pace was even better and he never looked back. He dominated the entire race and took a double moto win in Oldebroek. Andrea Bonacorsi came out of the first lap in fifteenth position but charged back through the field to finally finish in fifth position. Kooiker started the race in third position but lost several positions during the race and dropped down to eighth position. In the second part of the race he came back strong and finally finished in sixth position.

With a double moto win it was Elzinga who took the overall win and Bonacorsi took the third step on the podium. Kooiker ended up in eighth position. In two weeks time the series continues in Harfsen.

Overall Dutch Masters of Motocross 250 Oldebroek:
1 Rick Elzinga 50 Pnt
2 Lucas Coenen 44 Pnt
3 Andrea Bonacorsi 34 Pnt
4 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 32 Pnt
5 Bastiaan Boegh Damm 31 Pnt
8 Dave Kooiker 25 Pnt

Dutch Masters of Motocross Championship Standings 250:
1 Rick Elzinga 94 Pnt
2 Lucas Coenen 78 Pnt
3 Glen Meier 60 Pnt
4 Jago Geerts 48 Pnt
5 Sacha Coenen 46 Pnt
7 Dave Kooiker 41 Pnt
9 Andrea Bonacorsi 34 Pnt

Photocredits – Kaj de Wilt