Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. is pleased to confirm that Hutten Metaal Yamaha will operate as the Official Yamaha EMX250 team for the next three years through 2023.

The team based in The Netherlands have already established themselves inside the MXGP and EMX250 paddocks as a Yamaha Supported team this year and are delighted to build on their excellent relationship with Yamaha Motor Europe.

Heading into 2020, Hutten Metaal Yamaha will focus solely on the European EMX250 Championship as the Official EMX250 team with riders Thibault Benistant, Raivo Dankers and Gianluca Facchetti. Equipped with Yamaha’s cutting edge GYTR kitted YZ250F machines, all three riders are capable of challenging a place on the top step of the EMX250 podium.

The Yamaha Racing Pyramid starts with a base at the national championships with the bLU cRUand the YZ bLU cRUFIM Europe Cups and is followed by the European Championship’s EMX125 and EMX250 Class team. The Hutten Metaal Yamaha EMX250 team will occupy second step on the Yamaha Racing Pyramid as a team that hopes to cultivate and prepare talented young riders for their professional careers in MXGP and MX2.

Between the three riders that will make up the Hutten Metaal Yamaha EMX250 team in 2020, there are two Junior Motocross World Champions and an EMX125 Champion. Raivo Dankers was the Junior 85cc World Champion back in 2015, Gianluca Facchetti was the Junior 125cc World Champion in 2017, while Thibault Benistant has put the Yamaha Racing Pyramid to good use and was the first Official Yamaharider to claim the coveted EMX125 crown onboard a GYTR kitted YZ125 back in 2018.

With three talented riders, Hutten Metaal Yamaha EMX250 looks forward to challenging the EMX250 crown in 2020. Yamaha Motor Europe would also like to thank the SDM Corse Yamaha team for their efforts over the past few years. The SDM Corse Yamaha team will remain inside the Yamaha Family for the 2020 season, receiving support for an EMX250 rider and Ruben Fernandez who will contest the 2020 MX2 World Championship.

Thorsten Lentink

Yamaha Motor Europe Racing Coordinator

We are very delighted to announce this new 3- year cooperation with the Hutten Metaal Team. The team started in 2017 and they caught our attention with their professional way of working. The workshop in Beerzerveld gives our talented riders everything they need to have in order to make the next step in their racing careers. Placing these three talented riders here together with these professional people is our strategy to fight for the top places on the podium in the EMX250 Championship. By signing this team, we strengthen our step-up structure, where we hope to create future MX2 and MXGP World Champions, and of course we would like to thank the SDM Corse Yamaha EMX250 team for their efforts over the last few years. It’s nice to see them remain within the Yamaha Family for 2020, where they will also take on a new challenge by supporting Ruben Fernandez in the MX2 World Championship.  

Wim Hutten

Hutten Metaal Yamaha EMX250 Team Owner

Two years ago, I founded Hutten Metaal Racing. Together with my team, led by Herjan Brakke and Henk Zanting, we work every day with passion and pleasure to train our riders and get better.

After a good conversation with Thorsten Lentink and Alexandre Kowalski at our work-shop in Beerzerveld about the vision of Yamaha and our approach, I am very proud that Yamaha Motor Europe have put their confidence in us for the next three years. Next season we will start in the European Championship EMX250 class. We enjoy the challenge of training talented youngsters and we are able to provide our riders top material with the support of Yamaha. But also, as a team we can use the knowledge and experience that the Yamaha family offers to grow. Next season, our goal is to become European Champion. In addition, we hope to be able to deliver young talents to Yamaha’s MX2 Teams.

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