Andrea Bonacorsi of Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing booked a race win during Tuesday’s round of the EMX250 European Championship series at Arco Di Trento in Italy. Bonacorsi recovered from an early setback to finish tenth in the first heat, and in the second heat he booked a flag-to-flag win. This earned him his third podium call-up in succession.

Bonacorsi was quick to find his stride during qualifying, and posted the third fastest time in his group. Jeremy Sydow was eighth in his group, and Dave Kooiker unfortunately did not qualify for the race, never getting the feel of the track.

Bonacorsi had an early setback in the opening race with a crash caused by another rider. He had to work his way forward from the rear. He extracted  the maximum out of the cards that he was dealt and finished tenth. Jeremy Sydow likewise suffered and early crash, which caused him to retire a few laps later with a mechanical problem.

Both riders were keen to do better in the second heat, and indeed launched first and second off the gate. Bonacorsi was quick to move into the lead, and set down a punishing pace. He quickly had the race under control and won comfortably. Sydow finished seventh after a hard-fought race.

Bonacorsi was third overall and is currently fifth in the championship standings. Sydow was 12th for the day and is now in 23rd position on the championship ladder. Kooiker, who did not get to race this round, is 14th in the standings. The series continues on Saturday at the same track.


Overall EMX250 Arco di Trento:
1 Cornelius Toendel 40 Pnt
2 Kevin Horgmo 37 Pnt
3 Andrea Bonacorsi 36 Pnt
4 Liam Everts 36 Pnt
5 Emil Weckman 34 Pnt
12 Jeremy Sydow 14 Pnt


EMX250 Championship Standings:
1.Nicholas Lapucci 305 Pnt
2 Kevin Horgmo 272 Pnt
3 Rick Elzinga 234 Pnt
4 Liam Everts 197 Pnt
5 Andrea Bonacorsi 190 Pnt

14 Dave Kooiker 77 Pnt
23 Jeremy Sydow 48 Pnt