After his podium finish at the EMX250 round in Germany, Andrea Bonacorsi of Hutten Metaal Yamaha racing continued along his successful ways at Lacapelle Marival in France. Bonacorsi finished second and third in the heats respectively, which yielded him second overall for the event.

Bonacorsi quickly found his footing on the technical track of Lacapelle Marival, and claimed pole position with a sharp lap time. He had a decent start in the first race, but still had a lot of work on his hands to get back to the top three. The track layout made passing difficult, but Bonacorsi made the most of his skills and managed to pass a good few riders. Near the end of the race, a pass on Cornelius Toendel brought him up into second position.

Bonacorsi had even more work to do in the second race. He had to battle his way forward from outside the top ten, but he was clearly at one with the track, and managed to get up all the way to third.

Andrea was second overall, and is now fifth in the EMX250 championship standings.

Jeremy Sydow had a good start in the first race, but had to slack off somewhat during the course of the run, dropping him to 14th. In the second race, he finished 21st.

Dave Kooiker battled to find his groove on this technical track, and finished 29th overall. He is still tenth in the championship standings, though.

Andrea Bonacorsi was delighted: “It was another good day for me where I managed to get a podium finish.  I am happy that we are still growing and making progress. I had more trouble in the second race, but second overall is a great result, and we are looking forward to the rest of the season.”

The Series continues at Arco di Trento in Italy on 26 October.

Overall EMX250 France:
1 Hakon Fredriksen 47 Pnt
2 Andrea Bonacorsi 42 Pnt
3 Tom Guyon 36 Pnt
4 Nicholas Lapucci 34 Pnt
5 Cornelius Toendel 31 Pnt
19 Jeremy Sydow 8 Pnt
29 Dave Kooiker 0 Pnt

EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Nicholas Lapucci 271 Pnt
2 Kevin Horgmo 235 Pnt
3 Rick Elzinga 208 Pnt
4 Liam Everts 161 Pnt
5 Andrea Bonacorsi 154 Pnt
10 Dave Kooiker 77 Pnt
25 Jeremy Sydow 34 Pnt