Vision and Approach of Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing

We aim to support motocross development by guiding riders and assisting them financially. The Hutten Metall Yamaha Racing team currently has three riders, but the team’s ambition is to grow to an even higher level in years to come.

Our riders have all been selected for their drive to succeed and to extract the best of their abilities. To bring this to fruition, we have established a clear roadmap with capable professionals and organisations who share our objectives. We strive for the best quality and performance, both for our riders and for the team’s partners, and this is the image we wish to project.


Our training schedule is administered by Herjan Brakke. He is a double Dutch champion and has also gained world championship experience. We plan weekly training get-togethers in consultation with the riders. During these training sessions, we aim to replicate race conditions as much as possible. We adapt the program to suit each rider’s individual strength, shortcomings and needs. In order to do so, their results and objectives are constantly evaluated. We make extensive use of video analysis so that the riders and trainer can jointly identify problem areas. Each training session will be intense and passionate, yet pleasurable and satisfying.


Wim Hutten is the team owner. He has participated in the grueling Dakar Rally twice, and contributes to the professional presentation of the team. The team will always strive for the very best quality in its equipment, services and public presentation. The riders are all enormously driven and motivated to achieve the best, both within the team’s home country and abroad. The sky is the limit, is the battle cry when it comes to how expansive the objectives are. Everyone works hard towards the team goals, but still maintain a fraternal spirit and a sense of fun. Work hard, laugh hard, could be said to be the team motto. The team sees itself not as a military-like setup, but as a professional race team which combines talent and drive with the passion and fun of motocross. That is, after all, what we do it all for.