The rough and extremely rutty, hillside Talkessel circuit was also the setting for the fifth round of the EMX250 Championship, where Hutten Metaal Yamaha Official EMX250’s rookie on the rise, Andrea Bonacorsi, collected his first piece of podium silverware since stepping up to the EMX250 class. He finished third overall, while teammate Jeremy Sydow made an impressive return from injury, finishing ninth overall.  

In the EMX250 class, Bonacorsi was impressive as he steered his GYTR kitted YZ250F through the pack to finish fourth in race one and third in race two for third overall. 

Sydow made an incredible season debut with two rip-roaring top-five starts. Still, having not raced over the last four months while recovering from a severe pancreas injury, the German sensation did well to finish both races inside the top-10. He was seventh in race one and 9h in race two for seventh overall. 

The third of the Hutten Metaal Yamaha Official EMX250 trio Dave Kooiker had a difficult day, finishing outside of the points in both races. He was classified 25th overall.

Bonacorsi has moved up into fifth in the EMX250 Championship Standings,  while Kooiker remains inside the top-10 in ninth. Having missed the first four rounds of the 2021 series, Sydow is 27th.

Andrea Bonacorsi: ‘’It was a good day. The beginning of the season was tough for me physically because I had some little problems, but now we are coming back really good and also with the team we are doing a really good job. I am really thankful to them because they put a lot of effort in and now we are ready for the second part of the season. Yes! First podium. It was a good day.”

Overall EMX250 Germany:
1 Nicholas Lapucci 50 Pnt
2 Kevin Horgmo 44 Pnt
3 Andrea Bonacorsi 38 Pnt
4 Rick Elzinga 37 Pnt
5 Tom Guyon 26 Pnt
7 Jeremy Sydow 26 Pnt
27 Dave Kooiker 0 Pnt

EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Nicholas Lapucci 237 Pnt
2 Kevin Horgmo 205 Pnt
3 Rick Elzinga 181 Pnt
4 Liam Everts 134 Pnt
5 Andrea Bonacorsi 112 Pnt
9 Dave Kooiker 77 Pnt
27 Jeremy Sydow 26 Pnt