Rick Elzinga and Andrea Bonacorsi of Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing were having a strong seventh round of the EMX250 Championship at Lommel last weekend. Elzinga finished second overall and Bonacorsi ended up in third position.

The weekend started really positive on Saturday. In the first group of qualifying it were Elzinga and Bonacorsi who set the first and second fastest time. In the other group it was Dave Kooiker who was the fastest man on track!

All three riders started the first moto with a lot of confidence. All three took a good start and came out of the first lap inside of the top four. Elzinga was leading the race in the first half of the moto but he had to lower the pace a bit because his physical shape is not 100 percent at the moment because of a virus which he had for a lot of weeks. Despite this he kept the pace as high as he could and finished the race in third position. Bonacorsi was following the leader and gave everything he had to make a pass stick. He battled till the last corner but finally he had to be satisfied with second. Kooiker was riding in fourth in the first half of the race but he had to lower the pace in the second part of the race and finished in eighth place.

In the second moto it was Elzinga who took the best start of the three and came out of the first lap in third position. He worked his way up into second but wasn’t able to held on this position and dropped back to third again. He was following the second place rider but wasn’t able to pass him back and finished in third position. With these results he finished in second position overall. Bonacorsi had to come back from the back of the pack. He passed one rider after another and after a strong second part of the moto he finished in fourth position. This was enough to give him third position overall. Kooiker started the second moto just outside of the top ten and worked his way up into seventh position. Unfortunately he made a crash and lost the feeling in his arm for a moment. This cost him a lot of time and due to this he finished outside of the points.

Elzinga and Bonacorsi finished second and third in the overall classification while Kooiker ended the weekend in fifteenth place. After seven rounds it is Elzinga who is leading the championship and Bonacorsi sits in fourth position. Kooiker is in fifteenth position after the race in Lommel. In two weeks from now the series continues in Uddevalla, Sweden.

Overall EMX250 Lommel:
1 Lucas Coenen 50 Pnt
2 Rick Elzinga 40 Pnt
3 Andrea Bonacorsi 40 Pnt
4 Camden McLellan 30 Pnt
5 Cornelius Toendel 30 Pnt
15 Dave Kooiker 13 Pnt

EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Rick Elzinga 281 Pnt
2 Cornelius Toendel 251 Pnt
3 Lucas Coenen 208 Pnt
4 Andrea Bonacorsi 206 Pnt
5 Camden McLellan 189 Pnt
15 Dave Kooiker 89 Pnt