Andrea Bonacorsi and Jeremy Sydow of Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing finished seventh and eighth respectively during the final race of the EMX250 European championships at Mantova. Dave Kooiker had problems in the first race, and scored two points in the second.

Bonacorsi struggled initially in the first race, and had to work his way forward from 22nd position. He limited the damage after a strong ride, finishing tenth. In the second race he got away better, and from an initial top ten position, he advanced to fourth.

Jeremy Sydow got away in the top five in race one. He had to yield a couple of positions, finishing ninth. A stronger second race saw him cross the line in fifth position.

Dave Kooiker had a setback in the first race, crashing out whilst in a points-scoring position. He set out again in the second race, and this time he added a couple of points to his tally after finishing 19th.

This event concluded the racing season for Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing. Andrea Bonacorsi ended up fourth in the championship, with Jeremy Sydow, who missed a large part of the season 14th, and Dave Kooiker 17th.

Overall EMX250 Mantova:
1.Hakon Fredriksen 44 pnt
2.Nicholas Lapucci 43
3.Rick Elzinga 40
7.Andrea Bonacorsi 29
8.Jeremy Sydow 28
21.Dave Kooiker 2

EMX250 Championship Standings 2021:
1.Nicholas Lapucci 438 pnt
2.Kevin Horgmo 385
3.Rick Elzinga 325
4.Andrea Bonacorsi 287
14Jeremy Sydow 117
17.Dave Kooiker 85