Rick Elzinga of Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing has regained the championship lead in the EMX250 class. In Ernee, France he managed to take the overall win with a 2-3 in the motos. Besides Elzinga it was Andrea Bonacorsi who took a top five position and Dave Kooiker managed to score points with a sixteenth position in the first moto.

The legendary track of Ernee was in prime condition when the qualifying sessions got underway. Elzinga was able to put a fast lap together and qualified himself in second position. Bonacorsi posted the fourth fastest time and Kooiker ended the session in fourteenth!

All three riders managed to take a good start in the opening moto. Kooiker came out of the first lap in fourth position with Elzinga behind him in fifth. Bonacorsi came out of the first lap inside of the top ten and started the second lap in eighth position. Elzinga started a charge and with still a few laps to go he had worked himself up into second position. He gave everything he had to pass the leader but couldn’t find a place to make a pass stick and finished the race in second position. Bonacorsi fought his way back to fifth position and Kooiker took five points with a sixteenth position.

In the second moto it was Elzinga who took the best start from the three riders. He came by start/finish in sixth position and worked his way up into third position in only three laps. Elzinga started to put the pressure on the second placed rider but wasn’t able to make a pass stick and settled for third. Bonacorsi started the race around fifteenth position but was catching up till he made a crash. After the crash he gave everything he had and still managed to finish the race in fifteenth. Kooiker crashed in the opening lap and lost a lot of time there. He was struggling to find his rhythm and didn’t score points in the second moto.

After the race in France it is Elzinga who is leading the championship with an advantage of 1 point. Bonacorsi sits in third position and Kooiker is in fifteenth position in the championship. The next round of the championship is in Teutschenthal, Germany this weekend.

Overall EMX250 France:
1 Rick Elzinga 42 Pnt
2 Cornelius Toendel 37 Pnt
3 Yago Martinez 36 Pnt
4 Quentin Marc Prugnières 33 Pnt
5 David Braceras 28 Pnt
10 Andrea Bonacorsi 22 Pnt
21 Dave Kooiker 5 Pnt

EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Rick Elzinga 194 Pnt
2 Cornelius Toendel 193 Pnt
3 Andrea Bonacorsi 130 Pnt
4 Hakon Osterhagen 130 Pnt
5 Lucas Coenen 130 Pnt
15 Dave Kooiker 60 Pnt