Podium Finish For Andrea Bonacorsi At Italian Championship Round in Alghero

Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing rode its first race of the season on Sunday at the Italian Championship at Alghero. This after a few weeks’ worth of intense preparation. Andrea Bonacorsi proved that he was already well acclimatized with the Yamaha YZ-F 250 by securing a second place finish.

Jeremy Sydow and Dave Kooiker also flew the Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing flag. They qualified ninth and tent respectively, but Bonacorsi had a harder time of it, qualifying 14th.

Kooiker and Sydow had problems off the start in race one, with both crashing. Bonacorsi was is in the leading group, though. He kept up the pace and finished second. Kooiker worked his forward but stranded in 24th position. Jeremy Sydow had a troubled race and didn’t get to scoring.

Bonacorsi qualified for participation in the Superfinal, pitting the best MX1 – and MX2 riders against each other. He long held sway as the second placed MX2 rider, but eventually finished third in the class and 11th overall.

Results MX2 race Italian Championship Alghero:

1  Nicholas Lapucci

2 Andrea Bonacorsi

3 Tim Edberg

4 Alberto Forato

5 Mattia Guadagnini

24 Dave Kooiker

30 Jeremy Sydow


Results superfinal Italian Championship Alghero:

1 Thomas Kjer Olsen

2 Romain Febvre

3 Glenn Coldenhoff

4 Jeremy van Horebeek

5 Tom Koch

11 Andrea Bonacorsi